Guagua Solidaria // Solidarity Bus

Before Hurricane Maria, it is estimated that Puerto Rico imported 85% of its food, and new estimates bring that number closer to 98% due to the devastation of agricultural land due to the hurricane.

El Fondo de Resiliencia worked on a 24-month campaign in Puerto Rico to help to rebuild and support local farm projects and to help bring that statistic down. Any farm, at any town, from any group, was eligible for support. Community gardens, school projects, rural farms, urban plots, no project was turned down. Every week the Guagua Solidaria (Solidarity Bus) went out on brigade, bringing with it a mobile kitchen, tool shed, camping gear, educational materials, tinctures and salves, core team members, and volunteers from around the world.

They help to rebuild farms devastated by the hurricanes and also to fortify them with sustainable energy installations, by building rainwater catchment systems, donating tools, creating seed banks, and more. In addition, they were dedicated to community wellness. In their case that meant hosting and facilitating acupuncture, meditation, and massage workshops at the farms and inviting the community to participate in these workshops as well.

The Guagua completed their mission in September 2019, after two years of supporting farmers around the island. 

Directed, Shot + Edited: Adnelly Marichal
Original Music: José Iván Lebrón Moreira / Ciénaga - Post Irma Noche